Broadband Speed Test

RESELLER  for AVG Internet Security






Repairs and Upgrades to most Computers

NEW Systems assembled  tested and Installed

Internet Installations /Network Setup

& Relocations

supply of Network cables/switches/routers etc

UPS installations Surge protection 

            Data Recovery

Computers and NAS ! (except Apple Mac.)

   Mobile Service and Full Workshop repairs  

Remote Assistance (conditional)

7 Days 24 Hour service for Business Customers

over 15 Years experience




We   supply and Recommend   ,

AVG Internet Security


Surge Arrestors [Instock !]

   & UPS (preorder)

Seagate Hard Drives (PREorder)
note Global hard drive shortage has increased
Drive prices ,GCS will restock as prices drop
call for current stock levels

Gigabyte mainboards (preorder)

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